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The program uses reservoir pressures and produced volumes of oil, water, gas, plus injected volumes of water from individual wells and performs a Material Balance analysis. The result is cross-checked against a volumetric estimate of oil in place for each well and the pool.

The program allows easy comparison of oil-in-place estimates using selected pressure data points, well groupings, and volumetric parameters. This process may indicate whether the wells are in communication, are supported by water influx, and whether the geological description and pool size is consistent with the depletion history.



Program performs the standard tank type material balance calculation using oil well pressure tests to estimate the total Initial Oil in Place. Applications include:

  • Validation of volumetric hydrocarbon in place calculations
  • Material balance analysis.
  • Investigation of gascap size.
  • Investigation of competitive drainage





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Input Data

This program requires PVT data (Bo, Rs, Bg, and Bw), Pool reservoir data, Well Volumetric data, and Well Production / Pressure history.


Output Data

This program generates both graphs and report format output. Many different graphs and reports are available. Output includes :

  • Physical properties of reservoir oil analysis.
  • Volumetric and Material Balance results summarized by well, group of wells, and pool.
  • Production history plots for each well, group of wells and total pool.
  • Pressure history plots for each well and total pool.
  • Material Balance plots for each well and total pool.

Slide Presentation

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