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Oil Forecast for Windows


The program generates an oil, water and gas forecast for a Solution Gas Drive reservoir, based on their individual well IPRs, fluid properties, permeability data, and pool data. Reservoir pressure and fluid saturations are determined using the Schilthuis Material Balance equation with or without compressibilities.



The primary purpose of this program is to history match historical production and pressure data, and to generate a future forecast for oil, water and gas.



Released Beta Test Version.


Current Version



Input Data

 This program requires PVT data (Bo, Rs, Bg, and Bw), Pool reservoir data, Core relative permeability data (Kro, Krg/Kro, and Sl), and Well IPR.



 This program generates an oil, water and gas production forecast for individual wells, group of wells, pools, leases, and a company.


Future development


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