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MWAOF for Windows


This program uses standard back pressure test results and flow rate of gas plus liquids from individual wells and performs an Absolute Open Flow (AOF) Analysis using four different Analysis approaches. The program allows easy determination of AOF potential from different Deliverability tests using graphical and numerical analysis.



Knowledge of the AOF potential of a group of wells is necessary for a variety of technical analysis and depletion management activities: Applications include:

  • Determine particular pipeline back-pressure and deliverability of a group of wells.
  • Generate deliverability forecasts.
  • Determine gas contract maintenance, compressor / plant loading and infill drilling.





Current Version



Input Data

The program requires a detailed 12 component or simple 3 component gas analysis, pool parameters, and the results of sandface deliverability tests for each well.


Output Data

The program calculates the Sandface AOF for each well, and summarized the results into well groups, pools and a total.

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