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GasWell Optimization for Windows


This program uses standard back-pressure test results and wellbore parameters to generate sandface and wellhead IPR.

The program can be used to optimize the wellbore and maximize the throughput using both graphical and numerical analysis.



With this package the user can investigate the flow improvement after inflow stimulation, increasing the wellbore, and lowering the wellhead pressure. Up to six different wellbore sizes can be investigated in one run.

  • Maximize sandface inflow performance.
  • Maximize wellbore outflow performance.
  • Investigate the performance of different wellhead conditions.





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Input Data

The user enters the deliverability, wellbore description and wellhead conditions of each well in the system. Up to six different wellbores can be entered.


Output Data

This program generates both graphs and report format output. Many different graphs and reports are available. Output includes :

  • Sandface IPR.
  • Wellhead IPR.
  • Flow rates, pressure drops, and flow velocities.
  • Flow rate, pressure and velocity profiles.
  • IPRs by well, group and pool.

Slide Presentation

Download a slide presentation to view the program in more detail.


Download a demo version of the program


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