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This program calculates the composition and flow rates of the process streams of a gas plant. Yield ratios and surface loss are determined based on the recovery of acid gas, liquids, and sulphur from the raw gas inlet stream.



Analyzing the process streams of a gas plant is important to determine the recovery of by-products, to evaluate by-product reserves, and conduct economic analysis of plant operations. Applications include:

  • Volumetric hydrocarbon in place calculations
  • By-product recovery estimation
  • Process facility design
  • Recovery optimization
  • Input to economic analysis.





Current Version



Input Data

A 12-component plant inlet gas analysis complete with C7+ properties, liquid recoveries, fuel consumption and metering, and Sulphur recovery.


Output Data

This program generates both graphs and report format output. Output includes :

  • Compositional analysis of plant inlet, residue, gas-liquid equivalent gas, acid gas, and sales gas.
  • Flow rates of all plant streams.
  • Physical and critical properties of all plant streams.
  • Gross Heating Value of all plant streams.

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