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This program generates standard gas properties (z-factor, formation volume factor, viscosity, density, gradient, and gas pseudo-pressure) for a range of pressures and temperatures from a specified gas analysis using popular correlations.



Knowledge of the composition and properties of the in-situ fluids in a hydrocarbon reservoir is necessary for a variety of technical analysis and depletion management activities:

  • Volumetric hydrocarbon in place calculations.
  • Material balance calculations.
  • Well test analysis.
  • Production performance analysis.





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Input Data

Program requires either a three component (N2, C02, and H2S) analysis, or a 12-component analysis complete with the C7+ properties.


Output Data

This program generates both graphs and report format output. Many different graphs and reports are available. Output includes :

  • Physical and pseudo-critical properties of each component and total gas analysis.
  • Tables of physical properties at constant temperature and a range of pressures. Physical properties include: z-factor, gas FVF, gas viscosity, gas density, gas gradient, gas pseudo-pressure.

Slide Presentation

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