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This program generates a sales gas forecast based on the demand of contracts from multiple wells and pools in a production network. The network consists of wells, separators, lineheaters, dehydrators, meter runs, field compressors, gas processing plants and pipelines.

The principal use of the program is to generate a multi-well gas forecast, to optimize a compressor or a production network, and to create a development strategy.



Knowledge of gas supply and demand is necessary for a variety of technical analysis and depletion management activities:

  • Identify gas contract short falls.
  • Identify direct sale potential.
  • Investigate the impact of infill drilling and determine a development strategy.
  • Optimize compression and identify production network bottlenecks.
  • Generate corporate gas supply and demand forecasts.
  • Determine economic reserves.





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Input Data

The user enters the deliverability of each well, defines a network of components (separators, lineheaters, dehydrators, meter runs, field compressors, gas plants and delivery points) and connects the components with a network of pipelines. Gas demand is specified by gas contracts. Additionally, the user enters material balance data for each pool in the system.


Output Data

This program generates both graphs and report format output. Many different graphs and reports are available. Output includes :

  • Physical and pseudo-critical properties of reservoir gas analysis.
  • Deliverability and IPRs for each well, group of wells, and pools.
  • Deliverability forecast for each well, group of wells, and pools.
  • Deliverability forecast for each network component, working interest lease, and company.
  • Deliverability forecast for each contract.
  • Pressure and recovery forecast for each pool.


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