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Acoustic Well Sounder for Windows


This program uses acoustic well sounding data and fluid levels, to calculate the pressure at midpoint of perforations of shut in oil wells. The program calculates the gas and fluid column pressures separately, and adds or subtracts these, to determine the pressure at MPP. Several different methods are available to calculate the Gas Column Pressure. The results can be plotted, checked, and reported on a well, group or pool basis.



Knowledge of the MPP pressure of a group of wells is necessary for a variety of technical analysis and depletion activities. Fluid levels and MPP can be used to optimize sandface inflow, and optimize downhole-pumping systems








Input Data

The user enters a fluid analysis, pool parameters and the well fluid test. This may include casing fluid level, number of joints of casing or the acoustic return time. Multiple fluid shot points may be entered for a well and results compared.


Output Data

The program calculates the MPP pressure, fluid level in the tubing and the average acoustic velocity. Results can be reported or graphed on a well, group of wells, pool, or total basis.

Slide Presentation

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